Band Submissions
Firststrike (USA) by Pauly Thomas
Naked by Joe Loner
Enforcer by MetalinmyMind
Los Tres Motel by Lars Andersson
La Maffia by oryxandcrake
Dogs From Sweden by Paul Edman
Bad Injection by Paul Edman
A Tortured Soul by Nate Gorenc
Blister Fist by Slaktavfall

Release Submissions
W.E.T - You Treated Me Bad (1987) by Ponas kapitonas
The Waiting Rain - You, Me & The Machine (2017) by Mattias Davidson
The Waiting Rain - Solid Brick Wall (2016) by Mattias Davidson
The Waiting Rain - Way Home (2017) by Mattias Davidson
Los Tres Motel - Writings on the Wall (2017) by TravelRock

Media Submissions
The Waiting Rain by Mattias Davidson

Photo Submissions
Notre Dame by Lars Ericson
Notre DAme by Lars Ericson
Prelude by Terry Ohlsson

Cover Submissions
Iron Fist 1983 by Conny Lind
exalibur by henry
Blister Fist - Demo (1983) by Slaktavfall

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