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Balls and Chains (Swe) - Liar

I'm sorry I was late to mee you at the station
I know I've been late to righ the bell at your door
I hate to tell you something happened to that ancient elevator
The damn thing had to stop between the floors
I had to spend the night, when I finally arrived
A note would say that your work needs you more

You're a liar too, and there is nothing you can do
With a lie that sounds as good as any
You're a liar too, but there is something you can do:
Don't tell a lie one too many.

The papers had just found out 'bout the Affair
A man was involved with the wife of so and so
He had no time to pull his socks up when he ran from the quarter
The suspense in the story grows and grows
He took his licensed gun and ended all the fun
He was so lonely - believe me honey

Watch out now for talking would be leaders:
"We'll fix you up with everything you need and more"
I hate to tell you Talking Taommy's got to read from his papers
How many times I've heard this one before
Lift the lock away, let off some steam and say:
Maybe tomorrow all things will be better.
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