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Missing in Discography
- Anti System Rock, Demo #2, 198x (PoHRecords)
- Death To The Regime, Demo #3, 198x (PoHRecords)
- Red Christmas, Demo #4, 198x (PoHRecords)
- Massmedia, Demo #5, 198x (PoHRecords)

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Death To The Regime (Swe)

Death To The Regime (Swe)
Band Info
Punk / Hardcore / Metal

Berga, Linkping

1983 - 1985
Henri "Slem Jem" Halldin - Vocals, Guitar (Unculture Club)
Patric "Fitzi/Pata" Lind - Bass (Identity)
Gunnar "Gurka" Grundstrm - Drums
Former / Past Members
Pierre "Pirre" Thorsson - Vocals
Daniel "Danne" Nilsson - Guitar, Vocals (Low Riders)
Biography (from B-Sound)
A beautiful spring day 1983 five boys, in their best age (in a pure hormonal way) were out and had some fun, as they usually did. Because the five, whose names were Danne, Gurka, Fitzi, Slem Jem and Pirre were good mates and were in the habit of stick together through thick and thin as in all boys books. And that was the case also this day. The only difference was that one or more had got a brilliant idea that they, just the five, should start a band together. "Yes, we do it!" all shouted at the same time. "But what shall we be named?" somebody shouted. "DTR!" another shouted. "Yeah!" the others agreed to the name. That's settled, then! The punk band DTR was born somewhere in Berga in the little idyllic town Linkping.

After creating some hits and also realize what the abbreviation DTR should mean it was time to get instruments. It was too tiring to always sponge others instruments, as when the boys should play for first time on stage in sterbergaskolan's assembly hall the same spring, just to take one example. In the meantime frequent rehearses on acoustic guitars and boxes at Danne's home. Until the joyful day when drums, guitars and amplifiers were procured and in addition the after school recreation center of Ridhusgatan (with some hesitation) did lend a repetition room on the weekends. A hard and sweaty fall was in front of these youngsters and their aggressions.

The summer 84 the dynamic quintet decided to move to a nicer room. Namely to the old bus station. A deserted ramshackle house shared with Raped Teenagers while waiting for the municipality's decision. It was a creative summer with repetitions and renovations in the old bus station until municipality's decision to demolish in favour of foolish parking places did end the boys' dreams for a room there all could meet and have it nice and cozy. But it did also imply priority in the newly renovated Old Machine plate factory (now "Skylten"). A closed factory with plenty of repetition rooms.

Maybe this was the start of the end for these five boys who had so high expectations. Everything felt slower in some way. The songs became more sad and the members were fewer. First Pirre left DTR when his handball became more important. Then it was time for Danne to leave the three remaining. Was it the bane of the Machine plate factory that strikes or just the old age? Yes, something it was that made Gurka, Fitzi and Slem Jem to throw in the slightly nasty smelling towel the autumn 85, Death To the Regime had met its own death.
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Albums (2)
Songs (40)
# Song Album
1 Kungens Barn Demo
2 Legalt Mord Demo
3 Night Eyes Demo
4 Do You Really Feel Alright? Demo
5 Religsa Sekter Demo
6 Vad Vill Dom Oss Demo
7 Helvetets Hem Demo
8 Juicy Fruit Demo
9 Enat Folk Demo
10 Flash In The Sky Demo
11 Anti System Rock Demo
12 3D (Din Dagliga Dos) Demo
13 Take A Closer Look Rise Another World
14 Rise Another World Rise Another World
15 Steget Innan Frintelse Rise Another World
16 Vr Mnskliga Rtt Rise Another World
17 Integration Rise Another World
18 You Can't... Rise Another World
19 Aktiv Rise Another World
20 You're The Devils Slave Rise Another World
21 Kalle? Rise Another World
22 Close To The Gallow Rise Another World
23 We Believe...? Rise Another World
24 Intro R.R (Ronja Rvardotter) (Live) Rise Another World
25 Kungens Barn (Live) Rise Another World
26 Do You Really Feel Alright (Live) Rise Another World
27 Enat Folk (Live) Rise Another World
28 Immun (Live) Rise Another World
29 Tre Soldater (Live) Rise Another World
30 Vapenskrammel (Live) Rise Another World
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