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- Demo #1, 1983

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Darkness (Swe / Sundsvall)

Darkness Sundsvall
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (



Kenneth Lundin - Guitar, Vocals
Ulf Stridsberg - Guitar
Anders "Zathanel" Löfgren - Bass (Setherial, Sorhin, Midvinter, Blackwind, Blot Mine, Vålnad Ur Rymd)
Gunnar Jönsson - Drums

Not to be confused with Darkness (Trollhättan) or Darkness (Karlskrona).

Early band of Anders "Zathanel" Löfgren - known from BM bands such as SETHERIAL, SORHIN, MIDVINTER, BLACKWIND and BLOT MINE. DARKNESS contributed with the songs "Miranda" and "Don't Wanna Go Home" on the 'On the Rocks (1983)' compilation.
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