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Dead End Street (Swe)

Dead End Street (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Rock / Progressive / New Wave

Degerfors, Karlskoga

ca 1984 - 1992
Johnny Engstrm - Vocals, Guitar (Dead End Space, Johnny Engstrm Band)
Niklas Hgberg - Bass (Dead End Space, Johnny Engstrm Band)
Roger Jern - Drums (Damned Nation, Loud Inc.)
Former / Past Members
Jav-Olov "Galle" Johansson - Drums (Dead End Space, Johnny Engstrm Band)
At a young age the Chicago born guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Johnny Engstrm moved to Karlskoga, Sweden, a town that had a blooming music scene. His parents owned a summer cottage near the town Nora, were he made friends with the talented ABBA guitarist Lasse Wellander, which inspired him to develop his guitar skills. Johnny formed DEAD END STREET together with bass player Niklas Hgberg and drummer Galle Johansson. The band was influenced by various hardrock bands but also from Rush, The Police and U2. The trio blended different styles, making them into their own. The band played a large number of gigs, festivals, made records and had a few television appearances and radio airplay before they disbanded in 1992.

In the ensuing years Johnny signed a record deal and decided to put more effort into a solo project, playing with other musicians. He played gigs and toured all over Scandinavia with his band, plus various rock acts. He eventually reunited with his old bandmates and formed J.E.B in 2007 just after the release of his solo debut album Analyse My Dream. The band's first CD From Birth To Chaos dropped in 2009, and marked a big improvement in the band's songwriting and production skills. On the 2011 release Magnetic Force Engstrom and his band created a powerful Progressive Rock/Metal hybrid that brings to mind groups such as Dream Theater, Rush, Saga and Evergrey. Lyrically this is a concept album dealing with UFOs, alien abductions and X-Files-type themes. Dark, heavy and menacing but still very melodic. The band now have their own record label Alienation Records.

In March 2013 the band made a decision to change their name from J.E.B to DEAD END SPACE for the release of their third album Distortion Of Senses (released on May 24th 2013). The album was co-produced by Mats limpan Lindfors. The band will be joined by keyboard player Klara Vading for live gigs.
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