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Frozen Eyes (Swe) - Icebound

Walking through this white hell
Searching for something I've got to find
I do now know what I'm looking for
But I know I'm left behind

My muscles start to freeze
As I stop for a second to rest
Lost in the middle of nowhere
Will I walk to east or west?

Hell can't be warm
I could die for some fire
Will I ever make it back
Not if the truth is a liar

Sent away to look for something
I can't remember what
An incredible lust to die
Is the only will I've got

If you're walking round in circles
Can't you see that you're getting nowhere
If you're looking for the sun at midnight
Can't you see that it isn't there

If someone tells you a secret
It's not a secret anymore
It's like a bird without it's wings
Or like a key without a door

Find, I must find a way out of there
Pain, I can't feel pain or fear
Death, soon I will freeze to death
Breath, the wind is the devil's breath

I take a step and my tracks are fading
I'm in the danger zone
The wind whips my face and my eyes are frozen
I'm left here all alone

The time is here for me to die
Will my body ever be foud?
The pain is over, I can laugh again
As I sink into the ground

If you're walking round in circles...

Find, I must find a way out of here...
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