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Glorious Advance (Swe)

Glorious Advance
Band Info
Heavy Metal


Thomas Fahlgren - Vocals, Bass (White Knuckles, Jrngnget)
Ulf Johansson - Guitars (
Witch, Skrock)
Frank Stenbro - Drums (Witch, Gotham City, Skrock, RRP, OZ, Headache)
Info frn Frank Stenbro via mail (stort tack fr hjlpen!)
Denna G A demo r inspelad i samma veva som Soldier of the-future-demon med Witch . Snubben som spelade in oss/witch bad mig/frank samt Ulf att lgga komp p sin egen pgende inspelning . S tminstone p lten Evil Sickness r det Jag och uffe som spelar gitarr o trummor . Sng och bas r Thomas Fahlgren . Det var en vldigt speciell trum-situation minns jag . Jag fick endast muntliga instruktioner ang lten evil sickness samt nskeml om dubbla bastrummor . Spelade in lten p en tagning frn brjan till slut utan komp i hrlurarna . Minns att jag fick hra lten nn vecka senare efter att gitarrsolot var plagt o tyckte att det var rtt bra ( framfrallt ett otroligt gitarrsolo eft dtidens mtt mtt ) . En tid gick och jag fick ter inspelningen med sng plagd...

Info from Frank Stenbro (translated to English)

This demo was recorded at the same time as 'Soldier of the Future' with Witch. The guy who recorded us/Witch asked me (Frank) and Ulf to comp him on his the demo he was working on. Me and Uffe plays guitar and drums on the song "Evil Sickness". Thomas Fahlgren sings and plays bass. It was a very special drum-session. I only got verbal instructions on how to play the song "Evil Sickness" and a request about double bass pedals. The song was recorded in one set from start to finish without any comp in the headphones. I remember I got to hear the song about a week later after the guitar solo was added and I thought it was quite good. Time passed and I later recieved the complete recording with vocals added..
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Songs (3)
# Song Album
1 Evil Sickness Demo
2 What's The Matter Demo
3 Sweet Lips Demo
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