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Heavy Load (Swe) - Trespasser

Yes, it was you who made the water stink
It was you who made this ocean pink
You are responsible for what you do,
but you only do what pleases you.
Committing sins every day
You've got no conscience to lead the way
No use to pray, no use to lie
Why don't you confess before you die.

Trespasser, trespasser
You can't run
Trespasser, trespasser
You're killing the sun

It was a virgin world before you came
Man is the rapist, you're to blame
The savage man was a gente soul,
but when he took control
he spoiled all the resources,
defeated nature with all his forces
Paradise changed to hell
No man will survive to tell


You were the dictators
You were the agitators
You extirpated all the species
Poisoned fish on the beaches
Now it's time to expiate each crime
One by one, in the line
This is the end of your dynasty
Hyman, are you ready for your destiny

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