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High Plain Drifters (Swe)

High Plain Drifters (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic / Hard Rock / Powerpop


1986-1993, 2014-present
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Hkan "Hawken Ed" Holmstrm - Vocals, Guitar, Bass (Streg-Benk, Scandal Beauties, Royal Acid Orchestra)
Johan "Epix" Billsten - Guitar (New Forces, Backdraft, Scandal Beauties, Royal Acid Orchestra)
Ulf "BeBop" Holmstrm - Drums (Scandal Beauties, Royal Acid Orchestra)
Jrgen "Jerry" Darell - Keyboards (Backdraft)

Former / Past Members
Benny Laudridsen - Bass (New Forces)
HIGH PLAIN DRIFTERS released a 7" single and a cassette album. Also had the song "Say It Again" on the local Helsingborg compilation 'Rox Box (1989)'. H.P.D. even managed to get an record deal in 1992. Nine songs was recorded for a full-length album that still remains shelved. After the split of H.P.D., Johan and Jrgen formed a band called BACKDRAFT (active 1993-95). Hkan, Johan and Ulf have later played in bands such as SCANDAL BEAUTIES, ROBERTSON FLAKE and ROYAL ACID ORCHESTRA.

Hkan Holmstrm was earlier in STREG-BENK (had the song "87" on 'Varning Fr Punk (1994)'.
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