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Ice Twilight (Swe)

Ice Twilight
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock / Metal


Kent Svensson - Vocals (Limited, Crossroad Jam)
Sonny Andersson - Guitar
Kaj Roth - Bass (Crossroad Jam, A-Team, Burn, Zip, Riga, AudioVision, LattjoLajbans Orkester, Mainjack, Northwind, Twilight, Sahara Snow, Maximus, Clown Eraser, Human Cometh, Shooz, Blue Cow Kent)
Bengt Eriksson - Drums (Motherlode, Swedish Metal Aid)
Peter Lannby - Keyboards
Also known as Ice.
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Albums (1)
Songs (4)
# Song Album
1 Rock Hard Demo
2 I'm on the Run Demo
3 Ready 2 Rock Demo
4 Stay Out Demo
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