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Mezzrow (Swe) - Frozen Soul

Awakening from the other Side
My Body starts to rise
I`m trapped inside this Prison of Ice
Please , help me get out
Released at last from these frozen chains
I can feel my strength revive
But something inside has left my mind
What is it that I must find ?

Oh , my feelings are gone
Without a soul I`m lost

Passing the limit of Insanity
None will survive my wrath
Possessed by evil , born to die
Obeying the law of Violence
Realizing that my soul is gone
Makes me cry and scream
Why can`t anyone tell me
That this is just a dream

I turn my rage on you
You`d better hide or you`re through


Reborn to a world beyond my sense
Is a feeling that I can`t take
My Revenge strkes everyone
A raging desire to kill
Now I can feel that my end is near
But I`ve got no fear
Death is just a Liberation to me
The man with the frozen Soul

At last my permission to die
A bullet in my brain is no lie

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