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Mezzrow (Swe) - Where Death Begins

In the Legends of Voodoo
The serpent is the Symbol
Of our Planet , the Earth
The Rainbow is the Symbol
Of the Kingdom of Heaven
A Place to where we all shall ascend

But because man has a Soul
He can be trapped
In a Place that lies inbetween
Our Soul might be captured
Into other peoples Dreams
And then the dead will arise

The Beginning is Death
The Beginning is Death

Processions are wandering
As Darkness falls
Gathering to wake up the Dead
Dancing and screaming
Hallucinated Minds
Insanity takes over Fear

All this is caused
By a magical Powder
Sending innocent people into death
It poisons your Mind
Turning humans to Zombies
And nobody knows how it`s done

The Beginning is Death
The Beginning is Death

" Paralyzation comes crawling
As you cry out in Pain
The Poison has taken Control
Your Body is trembling
Of this deadly Injection
You have reached the life
Where the Beginning is Death "

The ones with power
Are using Religion
To create their Reign of Fear
They`re using the powder
As an act of a deterrent
To get the peoples on it`s knees

But how long will it take
Until everyone finds out
The Truth about this chemical death
Then the Seal will be broken
A new dawn will rise
And the Dead will have back their souls

The Beginning was Death
The Beginning was Death
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