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Mezzrow (Swe) - The Cross Of Torment

The Cross

It was forged by the Massive
Iron of Armour that was worn by evil itself
Standing alone and forgotten
Beyond the Mountains where Darkness always reigns
The evil never left the Armour
When it was forged into a cross
It`s dwelling inside , awaiting the moment
To set all it`s evil free

NEVER ! Kneel in front of this cross
And never uncover your head
BECAUSE IF YOU DO ! You have sold your soul
To the burning dephts of hell

A faithless Warrior , returning from war
With nothing but a wish to die
He`s marked by shame and dishonour
Searching for a Reason to Live
Salvation from God and Peace in soul
Was the Solution that might end the Pain
So , he knelt by the cross
Uncovered his head
And whispered his silent forgiveness

A PILPRIM APPEARED ! From the shadows of the night
Telling him the Story about the Cross
Then he realized what he`d done to himself
But it was too late , his soul was marked by hell
Facing the cross of torment

FACE ! The Shadow
Can`t break free from the Jaws of the Cross
TREMBLE ! With fear
Knowing that his fate is sealed

Repeat first Verse

Repeat Chorus

Facing the Cross of Torment
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