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Neptune (Swe)

Neptune (Swe)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Botkyrka, Haparanda

1979, Sep 1984 - 1985, 2017 - present
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Reine "Ray Alex" Alexandersson - Vocals R.I.P. 2019 (JAR, Glory, West End, Warreins, Mark Tysper)
Anders "Andy" Olsson - Guitar (JAR)
Johnny "Oyster" Östergren - Guitar
Roland "Rowland Alex" Alexandersson - Bass
Tommy "Mikk" Mikkonen - Drums
Former / Past Members
Ralph Thornberg - Guitar (Landslide, Black Cat Moan, Grinder)
Jan Granvik - Guitars (Grave, Glory North, Jan Granwick, Glory, Clockwise, Benz)
Björn-Erik Melander - Bass (Gotham City, Mogg, Glory North, MarcQuee Anthony & Melander (US), Hungry Heart (US))
Mats "Matt Driver" Förare - Drums (Glory North, Glory)
Bio (from Metal Knights The Resurgence Of Swedish Steel 1983-85)
Neptune was formed in September 1984 after Jan Granvik (guitar) and Björn-Erik Melander (bass) had relocated from northern Sweden to Stockholm. Jan had previously recorded a 7" with the band Grave the same year and Björn-Erik had been in the band Gotham City. In Stockholm they hooked up with Reine Alexandersson (vocals), Ralph Thornberg (guitar) and Mats Förare (drums). Things moved very fast for the band. Only after some months they had several songs ready and decided to do a demo tape. Later on the band did another tape with a new song "Afraid of the Beast" and "Poem" from the first tape. Thanks to these tapes English 'Heavy Metal Records' label approached Neptune and the band came close so signing with the label when they split up.

The producer of a certain Yngwie Malmsteen had heard Neptune and was impressed by Reine's voice and wanted him to come over to the US and try out as the new singer in Malmsteen's band Rising Force. If this would not work out, he would get the vocal position in some other US metal band. At the same time ex-Glory Bells (Band) singer Göran "Glory North" Nord was looking for members for his new band, Glory North. Jan, Björn-Erik and Mats decided to join and that was the end of Neptune. Glory North recorded an album called 'National Force' that was supposed to have been released in August 1985, but the label went bust and the band eventually split. Jan decided to start his own band, which became Glory where he's still found. He has also recorded a solo 7" (as Jan Grawick) and a CD with the band Clockwise as well. Mats were in Glory in the early days but had to quit due to hearing problems. Björn-Erik later joined bands like Mogg, Bernie/Melander, Marc Quee and Liar's Dice.

Bio (by
Formed early 80's in Stockholm. They rehearsed in Skärholmen and did some gigs at the Alby-School. The band went throught a complete line-up change after their first demo and moved to Haparanda, the only original member still in the band was vocalist Ray Alex. Some of the new members was Jan Granvik who had earlier played with the Haparanda group GRAVE and Björn-Erik Melander with the Umeå group GOTHAM CITY.  NEPTUNE recorded 3 demos, released a single and a mini-cd on CME Records. They also had the song "Enemies" featured on the 2003 compilation 'Metal Knights: The Resurgence of Swedish Steel 1983-1985'. Björn-Erik later joined MOGG and Jan Granvik formed GLORY together with drummer Mats Förare. Roland and Reine Alexandersson are brothers. Interesting fact: Ray Alex was intended to be vocalist for Yngwie Malmsteen.
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