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Romance (Swe)

Romance (Swe)
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Melodic Metal
Sweden (



Frank Holm - Lead Vocals (The Lizzard)
Anders "L.A." Rönnblom - Bass  (Dark Tyrant, Desert Rain, Killer Bee, Absorbing The Pain)
Kenneth "Kebbe" Olofsson - Guitar
Leif Ehlin - Guitar (Dark Tyrant, Desert Rain, Killer Bee)
Morgan Höglund - Drums (Killer Bee)
Thomas Widmark - Keyboards

Features vocalist Frank Holm who earlier was in the band THE LIZZARD (had the songs "Watch Out" and "Falling World" on "On the Rocks (1983)' compilation). Some of the ROMANCE members would later join forces with LIMIT, DESERT RAIN and REFLEX to become KILLER BEE.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Romance only existed between 1988-1989 and during this time they recorded around 20 songs!. They were influenced by bands like Journey, Foreigner and Toto and spent a lot of time working on vocal harmonies, which shows on the MLP. After the band split, Rönnblom, Byström and Ehlin formed Desert Rain. Rönnblom and Höglund later went on to form Killer Bee.
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