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Silver Mountain (Swe) - Spring Maiden

Golden goddess thank you so much for the good life
You have made me happy in one thousand different ways
You give me love adn you give me things to live for
When you're with me I fell the world is standing still

And I know for sure no better thing has happened
If it's love that I feel
Make believing days are of no current interest
If this love is for real

The curly hair and a pair of eyes to drown in
The baby face and a sweetness of a child
She got lips and her kisses taste of summer
And her body turns me on when everything is cold

I know da Vinci wouldn't make a better picture
The creation is made
I start to shiver everytime I hear her whisper
Tonight I want to be laid

Yesterday my life was filled with sorrow
My skies were cloudy and my images were pale
But ever since this child of god goes with me
Feel I'm living on the sunny side of town

And I'm sure there is no better way of living
When I'm living with you
Hold you in my arms and stay with you forever
Is what I like to do

Music: Jonas Hansson
Lyrics: Mats Bergentz
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