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Silver Wings (Swe)

Silver Wings (Swe)
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Melodic Rock / Metal


1985 - 1990
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Rickard Jrlefalk - Vocals (Brderna 'boys)
Mikael Hallsten - Guitar (Bitch and the Boys)
Jonny Birtner - Guitar (Stonk)
Peter Johansson - Bass
Johan Fredriksson - Drums
Mattias Helmer - Keyboards (Paralyce, Stonk)

Former / Past Members
Anders Sundelin (1986-1989) - Keys (A.R.T., Fighting)
Robert Adolfsson (1985-1986) - Keys
Formed in the ashes of Ivory. Silver Wings attended the Rock Karusellen competition in 1987 and went to the finals which secured the top 5 groups a recording of a single. The bands they competed against was Paralyce, W.E.T., Dr Dick and the Resucked Twins and RA. Silver Wings won the 1st prize. They also attended Rock-SM this year and went on to the finals. Their song "In the Night" was later featured on the 'Double Up Rock-SM (1987)' compilation. Silver Wings also had the songs "Take My Hand" on the 'Projekt 12 (1987)' compilation and "Green Motion" on the 'Musik Fr Miljon (1990)' comp. (which was their last recording).

Rickard Jrlefalk are today active in the cover band Brderna O'Boys together with his brothers Benny (ex-Rubicon) and Patrik (ex-Paralyce). The band also includes Mindless Sinner bassist Christer Carlsson.
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