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Spin Air (Swe)

Spin Air (Swe)
Band Info
Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (



Tony Arnesson - Vocals, Guitar, Organ
Tomas Kjellsson - Guitar
Joakim Hansson - Guitar
Zenny Gram/Hansson - Bass, Vocals (Ironside, Arrowz, Metal Muthaz, Crier, Destiny, Faith, Treasure Land)
Ralph Rydén/Lindgren - Drums (Mercy, Shock Tilt, Hexenhaus, Lizard Eye, Keegan, Keehole, Hydrogen)

Released a single and a cassette album on the MaNi Musik label in 1981. They also had the song "Love & Fight" on the 'Kristianstadrock (1982)' compilation.

Vocalist Zenny Gram later formed IRONSIDE together with Jonas Tancred and Mikael Persson of POWER RAIN. He would later appear in bands such as METAL MUTHAZ, CRIER, FAITH, TREASURE LAND and DESTINY.
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