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Teamwork (Swe)

Teamwork (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1981 - 1989

Ivar Helenius - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Stig Leyonberg - Guitar
Hans-Erik Hall - Bass
Kjell Andersson - Drums
Alf Hagström - Keyboards

Former / Past Members
Mauritz Westberg - Guitar / Vocals (Rocky Mountains)
Formed in 1979 as a coverband under the name FREAKS by Ivar Helenius - Lead Vocals / Guitar, Mauritz Westberg - Guitar / Vocals, Stig Leyonberg - Guitar / Vocals, Hans-Erik Hall - Bass / Vocals and Kjell Andersson - Drums. As time passed the band started to write their own material.

The band was reformed in 1981 as TEAMWORK, one year later they participated in Rock-SM 1982.They came to the Sundsvall event but lost against RANSHART who won this part. The judges motivation was that TEAMWORK played to soft, RANSHART played harder. The finals was won by EUROPE.

Through their active years they did about 70 gigs. They also recorded several demo tracks before splitting up in early 1989. Ivar Helenius later started a one-man band called ONE & ONLY. He recorded 2 songs for a compilation album together with Johan Dereborn in his studio.
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Thanks to Ivar Helenius for the help with the band
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