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Beyond The Threshold Of Pain
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Torch (Swe) - Beyond The Threshold Of Pain

Whiplash cuts through the night
Razor blade reflects in lights
Black leather and bondage shoes
Net stocking high heel boots
Hands and feet tied to the back
Rapist mask all in black
All your evil fantasies comes true
Blood and pain grabs you

Reach out for the pleasure
Reach out for the pain
Reach out for the feeling
When you go beyond the threshold of pain

Feel the curse of the whip
The rage age ready to rip
The sweet sensation of the sin
Cause steel cut your chin
The bitter sweet taste of blood
You're feeling like a flood
Feelings saddens your brain
In the swallowed sweet sweet pain

Get down on your knees cry out for mercy
Gonna make you make you bleed
Gonna beat you black and blue
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