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Unchained (Swe) - Fightin' Fire

They say you need them
They say you'll die without their dedication
You won't survive
If you don't get back in line
Die for the nation
Blood, sweat and tears, anger and fear
Emotions fills the night
Into the night we cry

Fight fire with fire
Show all the world that you're strong
You better fight fire with fire
You are right, they are wrong
Figting fire

You try to find you
A way to clear your mind from information
No mind control, you just do it naturally
Cry for the nation
We honor your name
And die for the fame, a holy world in sight
INto the night we cry


Still you don't know
What you are fighting for
A better world wich slowly fades away
Chosen to kill to save a few
The madness has bagun to break away



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