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United (Swe)

United (Swe)
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Melodic / Hard Rock


1986 - 1992
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Patrick Aalhuizen - Vocals
Anders "Bojen" Bojfeldt - Guitar (Thunder, Glenn Hughes, King Siguurd, Farbror Flsk, Bojfeldt Johansson, Bocca Bandet, Hockey Orkestern, Purple Rain, Schlagerbandet, Bjrn Afselius)
Peter Forsell - Bass
Mats-Erik "M-E" Bjrklund - Drums
Former / Past Members
Johan Forsell (Project 88, Common Crossing)
Stefan Morn - Guitar (Keen Hue)
rjan Fernqvist - Guitar
Magnus Berglund- Guitar (Galaxy?)
Christoffer Aalhuizen - Keyboards
Per Lindn - Keyboards (Untermensch)
Per-Erik "Pea / Hockey Bockey Bengt Benkt" Eliasson - Keyboards (Svenne Rubins)

Bjrn Skifs - Vocals (Blue Swede, Slam Creepers, Vansbro Operaensemble, Marsfolket, Bjrn Skifs & Blblus, Claes Af Geijerstam, Merit Hemmingson, Peter Lundblad, Zkiffz)
UNITED was a melodic / hard rock band from Vansbro featuring KEEN HUE guitarist Stefan Morn, SVENNE RUBINS keyboardist Pea Eliasson aka 'Hockey Bockey Bengt Benkt' and also Anders Bojfeldt who later would tour with Glenn Hughes. They attended ROCK-SM in 1987 and 1988 and qualified to the riksfinals both times, Stefan Morn and Peter Forsell recieved prices for best guitarist and bassist in the 20yr+ category.

UNITED (+ Bjrn Skifs as guest) released one single in 1988 where they did a cover of Mark James/B.J. Thomas song 'Hooked On A Feeling'. They also contributed with the song "Skkijven Polka" on the 'Frn Stjerna Till Skifs - Vansbro 100 r (1990)' compilation.

The band split-up in 1992 but have done reunion gigs in 1995, 1997 and 2010.
Pea Eliassson are today owner of the studio ppelboLjud.
Anders Bojfeldt plays in the band Bojfeldt / Johansson together with Patrik (Lion's Share, Astral Doors etc)
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