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- 2-Track Demo, 1988

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Universe (Swe)

Universe (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy / Melodic Metal
Sweden (

Upplands Väsby, Stockholm

Early 80s - ca 1988, 2002 - present?
Official Website

Janne Åström - Vocals (Endless Day, 2001, High Preassure, Hot Soup, Mr. Weed, Now, No Way, Rubber Duck, True Cosmic Trampoline, Lobotomax)
Michael Kling - Guitar (Moon, WC)
Per Nilsson - Guitar (Twilight)
Hans "Hasse" Hagman - Bass (Twilight)
Freddie Kriström - Keyboards
Anders Wetterström - Drums (Twilight, Talk of the Town)

Former / Past Members
Kjell "Kjelle" Wallén - Vocals (Swedish Metal Aid, Trezpass, Airlines, S 'n R Boys, Kjell Wallén/Karin Pagmar, Kjelle Wallén Project)
Gunnar "Mic" Michaeli - Keyboards (Europe, Avelon, Brazen Abbot, Glenn Hughes, Last Autumn's Dream, Audiovision, Tone Norum, Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus)
Formed in the early 80's from the ashes of TWILIGHT. UNIVERSE contributed with the songs "Looking for an Answer" & "Burning Machine" on the 1984 Sonet Records compilation 'Swedish Metal', also partipicated on the 'Sommarrock 84' compilation with the songs "Stories from the Old Days" and "Strong Vibrations". UNIVERSE released their debut album 'Universe' in 1985, a 7" single featuring the songs "Rollin' On / Woman" was also released.  When Kjelle Wallén quit as UNIVERSE's singer in 1985 (to join TREZPASS) vocalist Janne Åström of ENDLESS DAY and HIGH PREASSURE took over. With the band he wrote and recorded a lot of songs, "Born to Flames" "Can't Get Enough", "Rock is Alive" etc. Unfortunately they just ended up as demos and no official releases. Michael Kling was earlier in WC (pre-FORCE/EUROPE) and MOON together with Jan-Erik Bäckström (ex-WC member) and NATTSVART guitarist Per Forsell.

Kjelle Wallén are today a troubadour making his own music, he can be found at Myspace.
Kjelles big brother Ingemar Wallén plays guitar in the Swedish 50's group The Boppers.
Janne Åström are today mostly active as an actor, more info at his Official Website.

Info (from Janne Starks Enyclopedia)
UNIVERSE supported NAZARETH on their 1984 Swedish tour. The band recorded a demo in 1988, which showed a more AOR-ish side. After this they unfortunately split. They were on of the four bands on Sonet Records compilation 'Swedish Metal (1984)'. Before the album was recorded the band featured Mic Michaeli on keyboards, but he left and later joined EUROPE. The band reformed and recorded a new and highly interesting album in 2002, now featuring Janne Åström on vocals. The album was set to be released during 2002, but unfortunately things were again put on hold. However in 2011 the band picked up the loose ends and the album is now being finished for a release in 2013. The current line-up features Kling (who was once in WC with John Norum), Nilsson, Wetterström, and Erik Mårtenssån (Eclipse, W.E.T.)
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