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Varning (Swe)

Varning (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Rock / Pop / Powerpop
Sweden (


Peter Forbes - Vocals, Bass (Forbes, Tik Tac, Humlor Och Bin)

Sten Tempelman - Guitar (Tempelrock, Peter Lindroth, Björn Hamrin, Eddie Meduza (guest))

Johan Walin - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (220 Volt (guest), Blond Band, Tone Norum, Sten Carlsson & Salta Mandlar, Bejerstrand, Mikael Rickfors (guest), Pugh Rogerfeldt (guest))

Peter Milefors - Drums (Björn Skifs, Pugh Rogefeldt, Lalla Hansson, Janne Önnerud & Co, Liza Öhman, Ragnar Grippe, Dan Hylander & Raj Montana Band, Diggy Tal & The Numbers, Hasse Carlsson, Little Mike And The Sweet Soul Music Band, Darque, Stefan Borsch, Platin, Sharon Dyall, Povel Ramel, Svenne & Lotta, Wencke Myhre, Jerry Williams, Sonja Aldén,Lasse Berghagen (guest), Janne Skärberg (guest))
Former / Past Members
Stefan "Maffi" Mariano - Guitar (Rohdes Rockers)

Anders "Rudy Runner" Fluch - Drums (Trash, Moose)

Claes Bure - Keyboards (Forbes)

Anders Hector - Trombone (Forbes)

Lennart "Hebbe" Helperin - Trumpet, Flugelhorn (Eldkvarn, Blåblus, Ebba Grön (guest), Wilmer X (guest), Hansa (guest), Rymdimperiet (guest), Madhouse (guest), Diestinct (guest), Johan Lindell (guest), Ulf Lundell (guest), Marie Bergman & Magic Body Band (guest), Pushtwangers (guest), The Nomads (guest))
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