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V/A - In To The Blue - Beauty In Your Lies

Step out of the blue imaginary wishes in silver and gold of my true desire
Come out of the rain and into the sea, the sea of love
But is this the sea of love, with such cold still water?

Show me the beauty in all of your sweet little lies
This is a song, this is a song for you
Show me the wonderful in giving away
Your heart and your soul, is this a lovesong for you?

I remember your name and a clear blue sky
I don't know why but I start to feel like I am alone (so alone)
How could I believe in your sympathies?

I don't know, do you know?, do you care?
This was meant to be a happy song
But I could not find the words

Show me......

Show me, show me the truth in your eyes
Show me, show me the beauty in your lies

Text: J. Wrnstrm / Music: In To The Blue
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