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V/A - Now - In My Livingroom

Across the hall and through the door clouds are falling, falling
Furniture on hands and knees
Easter bunnies, christmas trees, telephone and pay-TV
Must be mother calling...
Hi mum... yeah... oh yeah...
She did that... COME ON!

Enter and your mucho lost in my livingroom
Find yourself a place to sit
Not there... ahahah not there...
Table stools, table tools
Rocking chairs and chains of fools
Now don't say that I didn't say that rug is from Iran
Step on it you'll drop dead
Not there, ahahah not there, lampfoot
Leg of a couch
Hair of the dog
Non-exotic plants, HEY!
Books from A to Z
High fidelity
Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee
Posters of carpets on the moon
Do you take sugar with youir parrot in my livingroom

Shaking hands with mirrorman
Now there's a friend to trust... shake!
The party will be leaving soon
Leftovers in my livingroom
Peace will come at last

Get that caterpillar out, NOW!
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