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V/A - Now - Silly People

People are running around in the city with words on their shirts
I'm a little short of breath cause the beat his me first
Some of we the people even dare to spell it out
We're lost here in the supermarket, the price is always right

Tiny little letters SCREAM while billboards make no sound
Angry phrases tell the truth in Shangri-La, downtown
You wanna listen, stick around this sweater need a fix
Like "US out of everywhere" and "the Pope is turning tricks"

Now people come in different breeds with problems on their mind
They swap their little problems in these printed t-shirt times
I got a shirt I like to wear, It's see but that's enough
No thank you to those words of wisdom till my head falls off

We of all the silly people get professional help, get set

Come on that's right get lost into space
You've got the wrong lipstick on your face
Come on, come on get down in that shirt
Rub it, rub it, rub it in the dirt

We of all the silly people...
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