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Zeit (Swe)

Zeit (Swe)
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Rock / Hard / Heavy / Melodic Rock


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Michael Ohlsson - Vocals (Zircus, New Clear Daze, Hagen, Michaels Mansion, Big M)
Hkan Gustavsson - Guitar
Mats Rajaniemi - Guitar
Lars-Gunnar Strm - Bass
Magnus Gustavsson - Drums (Happy Cakes)
Christer Rssler - Keyboards
Former / Past Members
Tomas Pettersson - Bass, Guitar
Peter Noresson - Keyboards, Backing Vocals (Jrnbrott, Brewitz Brew, Lokomotiv X)
Michael Ohlsson is a prodigy, already at a age of five he played drums in his first band. 1979 was the year when he released his first album with the band ZEIT. It was released on cassette and called DEMO. It was followed up with the 7" single 'Fr Ung / Dra Ivg (1980). Michael was the singer and songwriter in ZEIT. After the ZEIT period, Michael has been a songwriter and singer in several groups. HAGEN, NEW CLEAR DAZE, ZIRCUS and several others.
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