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220 Volt (Swe) - Dangerous

It's nearly midnight, my favourite hour
Beginning to feel the raging power
Making me d the things
That I've been missing
Like when I'm lonely, weary or down
I take any wheels and head out of town
Away from a scene full of compromises

You don't know what it's like
From my point of view
I don't care how you bite
As long as you're doing it right

Danger - out on the streets - dangerous
I'm telling everyone I'm the stranger
You won't see me twice, dangerous

I always wanted a Mercedez Benz
Nobody ever gave me a chance
I could end up "selling my own mother"


From the talk on TV Shows, they make it sound
Like the world is full o gold
But where can you run, where can you hide
Here in the cold

You don't know what it's like...

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