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Advice (Swe)

Advice (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic / Symphonic Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1982 - 1983
Dan Larsson - Vocals, Bass (Opus, Balance)
Stefan Larsson/Almén - Guitar, Keyboards (Treat)
Anders Fästader/Nilsson - Guitar, Keyboards (Great King Rat, John Norum Band, Titanic Truth, Southfork, Crew Slut)
Björn Ebbsjö - Drums
Tony Engström - Keyboards (Respect?)
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Advice was formed in 1982, influenced by bands like Foreigner, Journey and Wrabbit etc. They won the 1982 SN-Rocken competition, which resulted in studio time. Four track was recorded, of which two ended up on the single. The other two tracks "Heartache" and "The Song Plays On", were featured on the compilation 'SN Rocken 82'. The band split in 1983. Fästader (then Nilsson) moved to Stockholm and ended up in Great King Rat and has later on played with people like John Norum and Conny Bloom. Guitarist Stefan Larsson was in the initial line-up of Treat.
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