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- 1988: Demo (Whole Lot of Love, etc..)

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Arrow (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1984 - present
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Mattias Höijer - Lead Vocals / ex-Bass (Twilight Project, Backline, Roadhouse)
Mats Ottosson - Guitar, Keyboard (Shiva, Renegade)
Mats Edström - Guitar (Shiva)
Håkan Jardmo/Jademark - Bass (Renegade, Feelgood)
Magnus Tallåker - Drums (Twilight Project, Pelle, Backline, Roadhouse, Renegade, Hellspray)

Formed in 1984 by Mattias, Mats O, Mats E and Magnus, they released a 7" single with this line-up in 1984 - a promo video was also recorded for the song "The Only Way". Håkan J later joined on bass for the MLP 'Diary of a Soldier'.

The band split in the late 80's but have done some reunion gigs (last one in 2011). A new song entitled "Never Too Late" was also recorded in 2009, samples can be found at their Myspace page.
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