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Missing in Discography
- 2tr Demo, 1983 (w/Zenny Gram)
- 1tr Demo, 1984 (w/Zenny Gram)
- 2tr Demo, ca 1985 ("Flames of Fire", "End of Line")
- 2tr Demo, ca 1986 ("Son of a Gun", "Warewolf")

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Arrowz (Swe)

Arrowz (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1981 - 1985
Official Website

Zenny Hansson/Gram - Vocals, Guitar (Ironside, Spin Air, Metal Muthaz, Crier, Destiny, Faith, Treasure Land)
Ingvar Sylegård - Bass
Hans "Hasse" Gustavsson/Gatu - Drums (Johan Blues Band)

Former / Past Members
Per "Jeff Keegan" Andersson/Lindstedt - Vocals, Guitar (Keegan)
Ralf Lindgren - Drums
Hässleholm Hard Rock act ARROWZ/ARROWS recorded the single 'Bird Of Steel' in 1982. Drummer Hasse Gustavsson (later Gatu) got his career start with the military, servicing Saab Drakken fighter jets at the Swedish Air Force 10th wing airbase in Ängelholm, where his first performed with fellow aircraft mechanics as the JOHAN BLUES BAND during 1980. The following year Gustavsson auditioned for the proto-ARROWZ unit assembled by singer Per Lindstedt (later Andersson) and bass player Ingvar Sylegård. This trio went into the Peter Berge Studio in Malmö to record a demo, these sessions scored the interest of Pang Records and ARROWZ utilised a studio in Linköping to cut the single 'Bird Of Steel'.

ARROWZ next recording sessions were held at Ljudspåret Studio in Gothenburg to lay down a second round of demos. However, the studio engineer voiced his concern over Lindstedt's abilities and as such the band drafted a new singer, Zenny Hansson (later Gram). Hasse Gustavsson exited, relocating to Falun and taking on the new name of Hasse Gatu, during 1984.

Following ARROWZ demise, Lindstedt adopted the character of  "Jeff Keegan" to front KEEGAN, re-debuting with a 1993 album 'Agony In Despair'. Zenny Hansson, taking on a new title of Zenny Gram, subsequently fronted Doom outfit FAITH, the higher profile DESTINY and Progressive Metal band TREASURE LAND. - MusicMight
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