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Airborne (Swe / Nässjö)

Airborne (Swe / Nässjö)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (


198X - 1985
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Mikael "Abbe" Sjöström - Vocals (Jackwave, Rubycon)
Christer "Chris" Andersson - Guitar
Jocke Schön - Guitar
Tommy Johnsson - Bass (Jackwave)
Stefan Axelsson - Drums (Jackwave, Arabian Hugs, Transylvania, L-RÖ 500)

Not to be confused with Airborne from Söderköping.

AIRBORNE was active during the early / mid 80's. They traveled to UK in 1983 and recorded their one and only single 'In United Kingdom' on the Clubland label. A couple of demos followed before the band folded. Some of the members later reformed as JACKWAVE. AIRBORNE had a reunion in 2010 and played serveral gigs around Nässjö.
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# Ulf westerlund 2019-06-09 10:41
Hej ! Du kommer väl i håg de här grabbarna. Abbe är jag morbror till.Har hört många dråpliga historier från deras rockenrollliv.M an har gått miste om mycket men i gengäld har man sluppit en del.
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