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- A View of America, 12", 1989
- A View of America, CD 1989

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Avalone (Swe)

Avalone (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Rock / Hard Rock / AOR / Pop
Sweden (

Haninge, Stockholm

1985 - ca 1992

Patrik "Valentino" Fransson - Vocals, Bass, Drums, Keyboards (Angel (guest), Erika (guest), Jim Jidhed (guest))
Göran "G.G. Florence" Florén- Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards (Yummie)
Thomas "Tom B." Walther - Bass, Backing Vocals (Angel (guest))

Former / Past Members
Georgios "Georg Rozello" Charalambidis - Keyboards
Fredrik "Fred Donelly" Lundfeldt - Drums, Percussion (Erika)
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Avalon was formed in 1985, initially as Avalone. On the first single, which was recorded in 1986, the band was a five-piece also featuring keyboardist Georgios "Georg Rozello" Charalambidis and drummer Fredrik "Fred Donelly" Lundfeldt. In 1987 they won a band stand and signed a publishing deal with Tripple Music (which later became Lionheart Records) and recorded an album. 'A View Of America' was released, but the album remains unreleased. On this single, Georgios was no longer in the band. The band left Little Big Apple and was picked up by Marianne Records sub label Eurozont, who released the third single, 'Baby You're My Love'. The vocals had now become much better, but the music had on the other hand become more pop-oriented, even though there's some nice guitars, at least on the A-side. The same year, 1990, soccer club BK Söder asked Göran to write a pop song for the team, which resulted in 'Nere På Fältet' where the band was down to a trio. Around 1992 the band started breaking up and some of the members formed a band called Midnight Sun (not the recording band) on the side. Thomas and Patric did a lot of backing vocals on recordings (one being "Sommaren I City"), while Fredrik played with Erika. In the nineties Göran formed the pop band Yummie and arranged and produced all the songs for the TV show Lilla Melodifestivalen in 2003 (a children's Eurovision Song Contest).
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