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April Sky (Swe)

April Sky (Swe)
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AOR / Melodic Rock
Sweden (

Östersund / Gothenburg

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Tom Åberg - Vocals (Deception?, To Africa With Love?)
Michael "Mike" Åberg - Guitar, Vocals (Destiny, Nostradamues, Magnus Rosén Band, Fancy Pants, Metal Für Alle, 100% ROCK)
Thomas Eriksson - Bass (Destiny?, Pagan?)
Thomas Carlsson - Drums (Donnerblitz, R & R, Monaco Blues Band)
Robert Knutsson - Keyboards (Wilderness, White Fire)
Former / Past Members
Anders "Henka" Henriksson/Pellving - Drums (Pride, Grime Crime, Grandeur, Silhouette)
The band was formed in Östersund but moved to Gothenburgh in 1990. APRIL SKY appeared on the TV-show "Topgear" which was aired all over Scandinavia. They was offered a record deal from a danish label (Büms Records?) but turned it down. Michael later left the band and started to play with other musicians in Gothenburg. He joined NOSTRADAMUES in 2000 which toured with bands such as EDGUY, HAMMERFALL and  MASTERPLAN. The band recorded 4 albums before Michael left in april 2005 to join DESTINY.

Thomas Carlsson was earlier in the band DONNERBLITZ together with 220 VOLT vocalist Christer Åsell. He also made the artwork for the 220 VOLT single 'Prisoner of War / Sauron (1982)'.
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