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Arsenik (Swe)

Arsenik (Swe)
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Punk / Rock
Sweden (


1979 - 1981
Paul "Palle" Zanichelli - Vocals, Keyboards (Parasite, Etype, Heartline, Rebelene, To Africa With Love, Räffz, Crucified Distortion, Mr Man And His Divin' Ducks)

Anders Fernlund - Guitar, Vocals (Parasite, Etype, Killerhawk, Renegade, Magus, Avenue, 5th Avenue, Von Hinten, To Africa With Love, Halloran Shine, Ray's Request, Fröna, Vekerum Blues Band, Håkon Flöjt Band, AB/CD, Mr Man And His Divin' Ducks, Strip Down, De Överblivna, Fernlund-Strömberg Correction)

Peter Westermark - Bass (Strange Brew, Gone Fishing)

Roger Karlsson - Drums (Interaction, Area, Bactrac, Free Wheelin, Trapper, Wizards Of Ugly Things, Ray's Request, One 58, Håkon Flöjt Band, Inga Ögonbryn, Magnus, Under Cover)
Former / Past Members
Anders Mattsson - Bass (The Stains)
Arsenik released a single in 1980 and had the song "Bad Girl" featured on the 'Killed By Death #51 (2003)' compilation in a different mix. Features a young Paul Zanichelli who would front the heavy metal band Parasite. Anders Fernlund later joined Killerhawk and Roger Karlsson joined Interaction.

They apparently released some demos to, if someone have any info about them please leave a comment!.
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