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Acient Pride (Swe)

Acient Pride (Swe)
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Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (


1985 - ?
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Last Known Line-Up:
Bengt Westerlund - Vocals (LIT)
Fredrik Svensson - Guitar, Vocals (Prayer, No PP Bottom Band, Rachachochos, Grace Favour, MudMountain)
Jonas Mattisen - Keyboards
Johan Pettersson - Drums
Tomas Kajdert - Bass

Former / Past Members
Staffan Juliusson - Drums
Håkan Röjmalm - Drums
Robert Åkesson - Keyboards, Vocals (MudMountain)
Thomas Bejstam - Keyboards, Vocals
ACIENT PRIDE was a hard rock band from Örebro, Sweden founded in 1985 by Bengt Westerlund and Fredrik Svensson.The bands days of glory were in the middle of the 80’s with a couple of studio recordings and several live performances.

Fredrik and Robert are today active in the band MUDMOUNTAIN, Fredrik also plays guitar in the band PRAYER.
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