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Alicate (Swe)

Alicate (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Metal
Sweden (


1985 - 1992 (reformed 2006)
Official Website
Jonas "Kim Miguel" Erixon - Vocals, Guitar (Excellent Dudes)
Fredrik "Fredric Alicia" Ekberg - Bass
Jesper Persson - Drums (Carnival Sun, Hatesquad, Excellent Dudes, Nöjezbolaget, Dana Dragomir, Donnez, Östen Warnerbring)
Glenn "Glen McKee" Ljungkvist - Keyboards
Former / Past Members
Jarko "Jack White" Heikkinen - Drums
Fredrik Folkesson - Keyboards
Alicate was formed in 1985, since then the band have released a 7" single and toured in Sweden and Finland + been the support band for Ian Gillan on his toolbox tour -92. The band split up in 1992 but was reformed in 2006. Their debut album 'World of Anger' was released in 2009, they also played at Sweden Rock Festival the same year. Their song "Built On Dreams" was featured on the Sweden Rock #66 CD [#SRMCD 42].

Alicate are working on a new album called 'Free Falling' which will be released November, 2012. Samples can be found at:
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