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Aeon (Swe)

Aeon (Swe)
Band Info
Thrash Metal (early) / Heavy / Stoner (later)
Sweden (

Värnamo, Jönköping

1988 - 1993
Christian "Spice" Sjöstrand - Vocals, Guitar, Bass (Kayser, Band of Spice, Spice and the RJ Band, Spiritual Beggars, The Mushroomer River Band)
Fredrik Finnander - Guitar (Kayser, Jack Of All Trades, All The Way, Brick)
Carl Storck - Bass
Ronnie Nielsen - Drums
Former / Past Members
Jesper Norgozanow - Guitar
Lars Olofsson - Drums
Urban "Ubbe" Lundin - Drums (Jack Of All Trades)
Patrik Räfling - Drums (Hammerfall, Jaggernaut, Lost Horizon, Full Strike, Heed, Mega Slaughter)
Thrash band formed 1988 in Värnamo, Jönköping. The band released a private 7" and a couple of demos before splitting up. Vocalist Christian Sjöstrand teamed up with SPIRITUAL BEGGARS in 1993.

Drummer Patrik Räfling have had fame with bands like HAMMERFAL and LOST HORIZON.

Biography (from Tartareandesire)
In 1988 Christian "Spice" Sjöstrand and Fredrik Finnander teamed up to form the band AEON which included at that time Fredrik Finnander on guitar, Christian “Spice” Sjöstrand on guitar ,vocals and Carl Storck on drums!. After playing together for a couple of months the three agreed that they were in desperate need of a better drummer and a bassist, so two more members were taken in. That was Lars Olofsson at the drums and Jesper Norgozanow on rhythmguitar. This constellation didn’t hold up for very long. Carl (who played bass at that time) quitted the band after having sex with the rythmguitarists girlfriend who was pregnant at the time. A few months after that Jesper was releaved from his duty in the band.

The band continued as a trio and the bands first official demo “All Becomes Ashes” were recorded in the mid-summer day in 1990. After releasing the All becomes ashes demotape AEON got the reputation locally around of being a hot an’ crazy band. In 1991 Lars Olofsson unfortunately left the band , but short there after Fredrik and Spice joined up with drummer Urban “Ubbe” Lundin and Recorded the 7-inch single “Missing Ground-Under Silence” which became the top selling single of the month in their hometown when it was released in late 1991. Urban quitted the band shortly after the single was recorded. For a couple of months ex.

HAMMERFALL drummer Patrik Räfling played with the band but also he left the band but was shortly after replaced when drummer Ronnie Nielsen was brought into the band together with former member Carl Storck on bass. Spice picked up the guitar and the band proceeded with new energy and recorded in Carls garage the home produced demo “Universe Wide Open” which included eight songs. At this period the band changed from a heavy but thrashy metalband to a more 70th style influenced hardrock band. AEON was at this time known as a band giving onehundred percent on stage, a hot live act. In 1993 AEON recorded their last demo called “Absence” .. A while after the demo was released Spice left to form the band SPIRITUAL BEGGARS. The band played together until September -1993.
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Suggested related bands link is Brick from Värnamo. Aeon guitarists current band (2019)
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