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Avalon (Swe)

Avalon (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / AOR / Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


Lena "Lana Dale" Dahlström - Vocals (Tyrox, Elvis FC, Lena Dahlström Band)
John Vesanen - Guitar
Michelle "Michel Rice" Ristik - Bass
Håkan "Steve Streaker" Hedlund - Session Drums (Torch, Crystal Pride, Swedish Metal Aid, Rust, Black Widow)
Sylvia "Sylvia Rice" Ristik - Keyboards
AOR/Melodic act from Eskilstuna consisting of the members Lena Dahlström, John Vesanen, Michelle Ristik and Sylvia Ristik. Session drummer on their their 1987 single 'Dangerous Feelings' was Håkan Hedlund of TORCH, CRYSTAL PRIDE etc. Lena Dahlström was later in TYROX but never appeared on any of their recordings, she is today a solo artist recording under the name LENA DAHLSTRÖM BAND.

Not to be confused with AVALONE/AVALON from Stockholm.
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