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-  What's Up, MC 1988 [Norman Ljudproduktion AB #114 K]
-  What's Up, CD 1989 [Satelit Records #SRCD-102350]
-  What's Up, CD 2012 [Yesterrock #Y201225] (bonus Tracks)

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Boulevard (Swe)

Boulevard (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / Metal / AOR
Sweden (


July 1986 - XXXX
Roy El Hoshy - Vocals (Midnight Blue, Gift)
Lennart Widegren - Guitar (Midnight Blue, Time Bomb Boys, The Ungrateful, Eleganty Wasted)
Dick Börtner - Guitar (Steelemade, Time Bomb Boys, The Ungrateful, Innocent Rosie, Cocaine Cowboys, VELVETt 69)
Michael Magnusson - Bass (Easy Action, Gift) R.I.P.
Morgan Pettersson - Drums (Midnight Blue, RAM, B-Thong, Snappy Cacky, Commander, Glanzig)
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
This band was just about the break, but something went wrong. The reason was actually that the record company president was busted for fraud. The first single was released in December 1987, but re-released with a new cover the year after as the band thought the cover was too ugly to be acceptable. Roy, Lennart and Morgan recorded a more rock-oriented single with the project Midnight Blue. It was actually a parallel project on the same label. Dick and Lennart formed Time Bomb Boys, that later became The Ungrateful. Lennart moved to the USA after the band's debut and there joined the band Elegantly Wasted. Morgan was later found in B-Thong and Glanzig, while Mikael and Roy were found in the band Gift. Börtner, ex-Steelemade, joined Innocent Rosie and Mikael was also in Easy Action.
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