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Boom Shanker Group (Swe)

Boom Shanker Group (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (



Maths Drehmer - Vocals (Den Magiska Hunden, Dweebs, Drehmer)
John Wiksten - Guitar (Big Rolf)
Ulf Malm - Guitar (Night Jamming Band)
Mikael Wester - Bass
Micael Hellström - Drums

Former / Past Members
Robert Triches - Bass (Quil/The Quill)
A rather unknown Swedish hardrock act from Oskarshamn. They recorded a self titled album at the Krajbjerg Studio in Denmark during February and March of 1988 with Qrt Lassen as producer. The disc was pressed and released on the Danish Bums records. The band picked up their album when it was finished in Denmark and released it on the ferry boat on their way back home between Grena in Denmark and Varberg, Sweden. Not many of this album where sold and most of them got piled up in a warehouse so it has become a rather unknown piece of vinyl that hasn’t made it into any of the books about Swedish heavy metal. The album sounds a bit amateurish and could be compared to many of the average bands that released singles on smaller labels like Efel and Pang records.

Singer Mats Drehmer would later go on to bands like DEN MAGISKA HUNDEN and DWEEBS before starting his own solo project simply called DREHMER. He has recorded some of the DREHMER material with a few of the members from THE QUILL, however so far the material have been unreleased. John Wiksten later produced the T.E.R. mlp 'Out of the Dark (1990)'.
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