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Brandlarm (Swe)

Band Info
Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


ca 1975 - 1977 (changed name)
Bengt "Benke" Carlenfors - Vocals, Guitar

Kjell "Kjelle" Jacobsson - Guitar (Ocean, Overdrive, Heartline, Pride, Reaktion, Spänn Fläsket, Locomotive Breath, One 58, Juke Boys, Kjelles Källarband, Vekerum Blues Band)

Johnny Granström - Bass (Ocean, Interaction, Spänn Fläsket, Vakum, One 58)

Kent "Kenta" Svensson - Drums (Ocean, Overdrive, Heartline, Pride, Etype, Spännfläsket, Vakum, Crosseyed Mary)
Formed ca 1975 by members of Reaktion and Spänn Fläsket. Brandlarm played rock / hard rock and did some live gigs, for examaple at Stadsteatern, Karlshamn 1975 together with Just Nu and Alf Stars. The band became Ocean ca 1977.
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