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Missing in Discography
- Demo, 1985 ("Reptile", "Blackbird" etc)
- 4tr Demo, 1993
- V/A - Legends of Steel, 1990 ("Time", "Born To Loose", "Princess Of The Dawn")
- Anders Karlsson: V/A - Guitar Heroes of Sweden, 1991 ("Russian Passion")
- Anders Karlsson: V

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Blackbird (Swe)

Blackbird (Swe)
Band Info
Power / Speed Metal (early) / Heavy Metal (later)
Sweden (


? - present
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Per Engström - Vocals (Blizzard)
Pär Söderberg - Guitar (Blizzard)
Anders Karlsson - Guitar (Solid Inferno, Exelerate)
Fredrik "Fredda" Gustavsson - Bass (Solid Inferno)
Kari Tapio - Drums (Blizzard)

Former / Past Members
Willy Lund - Vocals
Erik Oskarsson - Vocals (Nightingale, Godsend)
Rickard "Rille" Sörman - Guitar, Bass (Johnny Arwidsson Band)
Peter "Pop" Andersson - Bass
Johan Erixon - Bass
Erik "Wårdde" Wårdell - Drums
Ari Halinoja - Drums (Nightingale)
Contributed with the song "Rise" on the 'Double Up, Compilation 1987', also had "Time", "Born To Loose" and "Princess Of The Dawn" on the 'Legends of Steel (1990)' compilation. The later years of BLACKBIRD featured members from BLIZZARD (same band featured on the DOUBLE UP comp and released the MLP 'Fading Away' in 1987). In 1991 & 1992 guitarist Anders Karlsson was featured on the 'Guitar Heroes of Sweden' compilations with the instrumental songs "Ravelution" and "Russian Passion". Per is still singing in the "new" BLACKBIRD. Anders and Fredrik moved to Gävle/Sandviken and started a new band called SOLID INFERNO, Ari moved to Stockholm and became an architect. BLACKBIRD are since 4 years back reformed - mostly doing JUDAS PRIEST covers.
V/A Compilations
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