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Bang & Out (Swe)

Bang & Out (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Hard Rock
Sweden (

Kista, Stockholm


Monica Larsson - Vocals (Monica Maze Band)
Patric "Kopman" Köpman - Guitar
Benny "Björkh" Björk - Bass
Håkan "Pearsson" Persson - Drums (Skintrade, Roachpowder)

Female fronted hard rock act from Kista, Stockholm. Released a single on Platina Records in 1989. A lot of unreleased material also exists. When the band split, Monica formed THE MONICA MAZE BAND with Pontus Norgren (Talisman, Great King Rat, Locomotive Breath, House of Shakira etc.) and Pontus Egberg (Lion's Share), an album was recorded but never released. Drummer Håkan Persson would later turn up with Matti Alfonzetti in SKINTRADE.
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