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Blue Boy (Swe)

Blue Boy (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1981 - XXXX
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Fredrik "Freddy/Hidde" Åberg - Guitar, Vocals (Yankee Rose, Yokun, Dead Fish Float)
Lars "Speedy" Johansson - Guitar (Yokun)
Kenth Johansson - Bass (Arabens Anus)
Jan "Linda" Lindström - Drums (Yankee Rose, Arabens Anus, Dead Fish Float)

BLUE BOY was formed in early 1981 as a cover band playing mostly IRON MAIDEN and SAXON covers. Jan and Kenth had previously played in the well-known Swedish punk band ARABENS ANUS. Lars and Freddy had played together in YOKUN. They got their name BLUE BOY from the american gay-magazine with the same name. In the very beginning they all played under alias: Steve Homo, Nick Gay, Freddy Gaypimp och Ralph MacFikus. This wasn't anything agains homosexual's it was just a fun thing as the leather-culture had become so popular in metal-scene at this point. They loved what they did and took it very seriously. Their songs where also a tribute to the bands they admired; Saxon, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Tank, Judas Priest, Sabbath, Riot etc.
In early 1981, Freddy and Jan began writing their own songs such as "Beast of prey", "Hell Of A Night", "The Summons" etc. They did their live debut in February -81 at a little rock club in their hometown Kristinehamn. 250 headbangers where there to see them and they became totally run over by the band.
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