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Blizzard (Swe / Finspång)

Blizzard (Swe / Finspång)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1984 - ca 1989

Örjan Jonsson - Vocals
Per Engström - Guitars (Blackbird)
Per Söderberg - Guitars (Blackbird)
Ulf Lundström - Bass
Kari Tapio - Drums (Blackbird)

Formed in Finspång, Sweden in 1984. The band qualified to compete in the Swedish rock championship of 1987. All the 26 groups that were good enough to compete got one track onto a local compilation album called ‘Rock SM 87-Double ...Up’. The band had to compete with other Swedish hard rock and heavy metal artists like BLACKBIRD, HAZY, VANGUARD, GRAND VISION and METAL AXE .

The ‘Double Up’ album was released by ABF education corporation. It was also ABF that sponsored the bands one and only private released album ‘Fading away’ that were recorded and released in 1987. The album was produced by Heavy Load guitarist Ragne Wahlquist and features 4 great 80’s metal tracks. Limited to 1000 copies.

Per Engström later joined as vocalist in BLACKBIRD along with Per Söderberg and Kari Tapio.
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