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Biscaya (Swe) - Summerlove

I wanted it to last for long
But lady, you don't seem to care
You broke my heart, you stole my song
And now I'm in despair

I met you in the cool summer night
You smiled and I fell still delight
You touched my face, I kissed your hand
All my feelings flowed

I ran my fingers through your hair
You had the aura that's so rare
Maybe you were in disguise
You had the joy glowing in your eyes

You lay by my side in the grass
We almost counted all the stars
But good times always end too soon
One day my bird had flown

I've tried to make you change your ways
But you won't even tell what's wrong
I've cried but you don't see the trace
My love remains so strong

I think of you from time to time
I'll always keep you in my mind
In loneliness I sit and pray
Oh sweet lord, bring her back someday
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