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Borderline (Swe / Skellefteċ)

Borderline (Swe / Skellefteċ)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (

Burträsk, Skellefteċ

1985 - XXXX
Official Website
Johan Paavola - Vocals (Ride The Sky, Mr Quinn, HP-Band, Freetown)
Christer Lundgren - Guitar, Vocals (Mr Quinn, Freetown)
Anders Wikström - Bass
Per-Olof "Olle" Andersson - Drums
Urban Lundgren - Keyboards (Mr Quinn, Deep Canyon, HeadLine, The Aaargh, Propeller, Freetown)
Former / Past Members
Fredrik Furberg - Guitars
Robert Larsson - Drums
Released a 7" single on the West-Bell Sinclair label in 1987 and contributed with the song "Straight For The Heart"
on the 'R & R (1988)' compilation where Johan also sang for the band RIDE THE SKY. Johan, Christer, Urban and RIDE THE SKY drummer Dag Holmgren are today active in the band MR QUINN.
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