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Big Hozz And The Animals (Swe)

Big Hozz And The Animals (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1980-1985, 1992-1994, 2011-2013
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Mikael "Big Hozz" Fredriksson - Vocals (Tox, Sleazy Roze/Sleazy, Grand Vision, Dame Fortune, Headline, Frontiers)
Billy Johansson - Guitar (Tox)
Pal Bertil "Paul Marshall" Kebell -  Bass (Tox, Sleazy Roze/Sleazy, Headline, Bullet Avenue)
Lars Jonsson - Drums
Former / Past Members
Sally Cruise - Guitar
Per "Pelle" Frimodig - Drums (Paragraf Pop)
Gus Divine - Drums
Tommy "Boffis" Eklund - Drums (Grand Vision)
Daniel Gese - Drums (Dizziness, Heartline, Grand Vision, Pole Position, Hetz, Stone Cold Crazy)
Hasse Sukis - Keyboards
Founded in 1980 by: Per Frimodig: Drums, Paul Marshall: Bass, Billy Johansson: Guitar, Mike Voice: Vocals. BHATA started playing in Norrköping Sweden 1980 a few demos were recorded but the band built its reputation as a strong and crazy stage performance, which contained much smoke, bombs and props. That lineup made a classic performance at Skandia theater in Norrköping 1980. Then the band's reputation as one of Sweden's best heavy metal band was founded. One single: 'On The Edge of Life / Lucifer's Friend' was recorded in 1990, this single was only available as a test press. BHATA had an appearance on TV4 East in 1994. The band are working on a new CD to be released in 2012/2013.
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